We are reorganizing

We are reorganizing.

What does it take to provide fresh, healthy local food to school children and Iowans, while providing a sustainable income for local farmers? Here at the Iowa Food Hub we think we’re on to something. We’ve proved our concept for local food aggregation and delivery over the last seven of years of operation, bringing $250,000 worth of fresh food to local schools and $2.37 million worth of income directly to regional farmers.

We’ve celebrated successes and experienced some failures, but most importantly, we’ve learned through all the work that we’ve done. That’s how we know that we can make this model truly resilient. But to do so, we need to make some tweaks. That’s why we’re putting a pause on regular hub operations starting December 15, 2018.

We will be raising funds to launch this next phase, and you can join us in building the next era of the Food Hub and NEIA local foods. Contribute here.

The Iowa Food Hub is a project of Allamakee New Beginnings (ANB), a non-profit that believes food aggregation and distribution is critical for local food system development in Iowa. While we open a new chapter at the Hub, the ANB board will continue the additional components of its work, including education and outreach activities related to beginning farmers, GroupGAP food safety, farm to school, and farm to early childcare.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Questions or comments may be directed to gifts@iowafoodhub.com.