Peake Orchards

Peake Orchards is a family run apple orchard between Waukon and Decorah. We planted our first trees in the early 1980's and began selling fruit in 1989. With approx. 1,000 trees and about ten varieties to choose from, we take great care to provide quality fruit. We feel there is nothing that compares to the flavor of a fresh tree ripened apple.

We have apples starting in mid Sept. to fit every need. We feel that our Cortland make some of the best APPLE SAUCE that we have ever eaten. Of course Honeycrisp is an apple that many people are getting very excited about with it's TENDER CRUNCH. We have Haralson for the BEST apple pie and also a very tart eater for those who like a little snap. On the other hand we have many SWEET eaters that think that Connell Red are as good as an apple gets. Our Regent is a good crisp middle of the road SWEET/TART favorite.

Al and Jeremy Peake families

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