Delivery Sites: John Deere Dubuque

Attention - This is an Employee Only drop-site

Fresh. Convenient. Affordable.

What? When you order a food box, you get the convenience of grocery pick up at your workplace, the freshest food that Iowa has to offer, and an affordable price. We have local fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, breads, meats and processed products like cheeses and jams available year-round. You have the ability to customize your delivery, so you get exactly what you want. We choose different local fare to include in your box each week, giving you a variety of delicious foods throughout the year. With your food box you are not only getting wholesome Iowa food, you are helping to support local farmers.

When? The truck delivers once per week to John Deere to drop off your food box.  The drops will take place every Tuesday between 3:00PM and 5:00PM.

Where? The drop will take place in the cafeteria.

Who? Employees of John Deere Dubuque can sign up! 

What if I have a conflict with the drop time? Please make arrangements to have someone pick up your box for your or have it placed in a cold place (like an office fridge).